Working Women 2020


You are invited to join us in this wonderful storytelling journey,

where you share your story about what it means for you to be a WORKING WOMAN in 2020

and also learn how to improve it.

In this journey, you will be able to learn from two experts on how to improve your storytelling skills

and at the same time, your message will be spread and influence others.








It is about telling your story and making your impact!

ROCKCHAIN in collaboration with the "301 words initiative" presents the storytelling contest:

‘Working Women 2020’


What is the contest about? 

"301 words initiative" is not about promoting yourself or your work. 

And it’s not about teaching someone a lesson or about being right. 

It is about sharing without expectations and offering without imposing.

We invite you to share with us your personal story of what it means for you to be a working woman in 2020 and how you managed to succeed. Tell us the story of a remarkable moment in your life and how it shaped your identity as a working woman. Maybe this moment is about overcoming a challenge, making a decision or about standing up for yourself. When telling your story, think about what girls and women from all over the world could learn from it. How might you help them or even inspire them by sharing your personal story? 


Besides the offered prize for two winners, the best stories of 10 selected participants will get insider tips on how to improve the storytelling skills and capture an audience. 











Your learning journey? 


After the selection, two of our experts will help with some tips and  

guidance on how to shape your story and create a narrative that engages and inspires.  

The winners' prize: 

A private one-hour coaching session with Patrick

in order to improve your 

public speaking or storytelling

A private one-hour coaching session with Caroline

on “step out of your comfort zone”

and be confident in owning your story.




How to participate and submit your story? 

Here are the only criteria: 

Share a story that is connected to the title Working Women 2020  

Tell your story in 301 words (or less). 

 Your story can be about a particular moment or experience and when telling your story make sure to include a message, one impactful message, to the readers that connect to the theme - think about what girls and women from all over the world could learn from your story. 

Please submit your story until May 31, 2020 to

Selection and publication:

Announcement of winners and publication date of the selected stories online will be shared shortly thereafter.

The selected stories will be posted on the website of "301 words initiative" and will be shared on social media to share the impact.

Interested in sharing this initiative with others?
If you are part of a community that empowers women, please spread the word and encourage participation in the contest.


Do you have any question?


Public Speaking & Storytelling facilitator and TEDx Coach

Will guide you individually on how to craft your story to bring your vision to life. 

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Strategic Communications Consultant and Connector

Will help you to get a solid ground for telling your career story. To get a boilerplate for telling who you are in any possible situation, you want to talk about it

(online masterclass). 

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